Royalty Free Images and Their Restrictions

Royalty free images can also be used for retail or personal use. Even for internal presentation, the image is copyrighted by the owner therefore there is a need to pay for the usage of the image. As mentioned above, commercial use is intended to promote, advertise, endorse and to sell. Its goal is to generate […]

Cheap Stock Footage: The Best Way to Improve Your Next Video Production

Producing high quality videos is not cheap and easy. You will have to set aside a great amount of budget and time. While it is true that a production company has all the talent and expertise to create the best videos, they can also be expensive. Now if you only have limited budget, this is […]

Cheap Adobe Stock Photos Have Been Found

Have you been looking for someplace to find cheap stock photos? If you have, then you need to look no further than Adobe Stock. What is Adobe Stock? Adobe Stock is a service that provides stock photos and other images at a reasonable price. It is an excellent option for businesses of any size, designers, […]